New collaboration with Dr. Bausard Latrech, algologist specialist

It’s quite recently that our collaboration with Dr. Bussard Latrech has been set up. Noticeably, Dr. Latrech spent most of his youth and early adult life in Strasbourg, where our agency is domiciled. Yet, he has now been working for several years in Brussels, Belgium, where many of our clients come from.


The Nobel Prizes: History and First Winners

Being a pacifist at heart and an inventor by nature, Alfred Nobel invented dynamite, thinking that his invention would put an end to all wars. Nevertheless, a great many others recognized that dynamite was an extremely deadly creation. When Alfred’s brother Ludvig died in 1888 in Paris, a French newspaper mistakenly published an obituary for Alfred, calling him the “merchant of death”.


Alfred Nobel: Interest in Literature and Writing

During his lifetime, Alfred Nobel was recognized far more as an inventor and industrialist than for his interest in arts. His second home, however, was in literature and writing. After his death, he left a private collection of over 1500 volumes, mostly fiction in its original language, but also works by theologians, philosophers, and historians.


Alfred Nobel: a Pacifist Weapon Merchant

The young Alfred Nobel was a tireless inventor. His first patented invention, in 1857, was a gas meter that was a significant improvement on the current standards.